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Nadine (Deanie) Singh-Brown Earns Doctor of Nursing Degree   

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  Premier Mobile Health Services is proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Nadine (Deanie) Singh-Brown has earned her Doctor of Nursing Degree from South University. 

Deanie’s beginnings were humbler and more eventful than most.  She was a teenage mother and a high school dropout. She was undocumented, with no access to medical care, and often was afraid to seek medical care in shame, and fear of the possibility of being deported. Realizing she was not living up to her potential, she began searching for ways she could improve her life.  Deanie started by earning her GED, then linking her interests and passions to a career in nursing.  In nursing, Deanie found her calling; she loves connecting with and taking care of others. 

Deanie has over 20 years of nursing experience in various health practices, including health promotion, disease prevention and managing acute and chronic disorders and diseases.  She founded Premier Mobile Health Services in 2018 with a mission to provide care to the medically vulnerable and uninsured children and families in Fort Myers, FL and neighboring communities.  The operation now includes 2 mobile medical clinics and a walk-in clinic staffed with multi-lingual professionals providing health screenings, health education and disease management services.  Premier is also celebrated as a teaching facility and Deanie was recently awarded Preceptor of the Year in 2022 for Nova Southeastern University.   

Premier specializes in serving members of the community that fall below the poverty guidelines.  Because of this, 67% of the population they serve receive their health services for free or they are given a sliding scale.  These services include providing medical supplies, blood pressure checks, health screening, laboratory testing, lipid panels, basic metabolic profiles, prescriptions, HIV testing, STD screening and TB testing. Free care is offered for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence victims and for the homeless.  

The mission of Premier Mobile Health Services is to provide quality health care services to the medically vulnerable and to those who are at most risk of developing and experiencing long term illnesses and hospitalization.   As a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization, they provide service through donations and grants.  They are changing the way that health care is delivered in Lee County.  For further information call 239-288-7949 or go to their website at