The Premier Mobile Health Services Story

Premier Mobile Health Services was founded in 2018 by Nadine “Deanie” Singh, a Registered, Board-certified Nurse Practitioner and the Executive Director. Premier currently consists of 2 mobile medical clinics and a walk-in medical clinic. They provide care to the medically vulnerable and uninsured children and families in Fort Myers, FL and neighboring communities. We are approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization and there are 9 board members that govern its operation.
Many years ago, Deanie was undocumented, and had no access to care, often being afraid to see medical care in shame, and fear of the possibility of being deported.
Every elevation to a successful path is a journey marked by a story of despair leading to triumph over adversity. Deanie’s beginnings were humbler and more eventful than most. She was a teenage mother and a high school dropout who was drowning in self-destruction and self-hate. She soon realized she was not living to her potential so she began searching for ways she could improve her life. Deanie started by earning her GED and then linked her interests and passions to a career in nursing. In nursing, Deanie found her calling; she loves connecting with and taking care of others. As her confidence grew, she continued to earn more credentials, then quickly emerged into a self-realized entrepreneur, change agent and mother of three children.
Several years ago, while pursuing her master’s degree in nursing, her capstone was about owning a mobile medical clinic after retiring from her full-time job. However, three and a half years later, while working at the local hospital, Deanie discovered that so many young African American males were on dialysis. To add to that, they were being diagnosed with chronic, yet preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and other life-threatening illnesses. Those outcomes could have been different if they had sought medical care earlier in their lives. With a sense of urgency to care for the vulnerable in Lee County, Deanie searched on eBay and from her own personal savings, she purchased her first mobile medical unit. Since making this investment in 2018, and with a staff of five, Premier Mobile has provided health screenings, health education and disease management services to over 7394 patients, including COVID testing and vaccinations to date.
Moreover, Premier Mobile Health Services is celebrated as a teaching facility and quality health care provider in Lee County and is partnered with notable institutions such as the University of Miami and Vanderbilt University. Deanie was recently awarded Preceptor of the Year for Nova Southeastern University. In addition, Premier Mobile is contracted with Aids Healthcare Foundation, Florida Department of Health and in February of 2022, Premier Mobile was named as a sub-award federal grantee through a partnership with Lee Health which is valued at $700,000. Also on June 15, 2022, Premier Mobile was granted the esteemed title of United Way of Lee County provider. Days later, the organization was awarded $400,000 in ARPA funding.
In sum, Deanie sees her story in every patient she serves and hopes to improve the lives of many more in her community.



Our philosophy of partnership and collaboration is the key to our success and growth. Through these partnerships we serve as a vehicle for delivering practical solutions to health care disparities in our community.
The University of Miami and Vanderbilt University assist us with staff training on HIV and other diseases. Florida Health Department provides breast cancer screening and assists us with vaccination and testing. The AIDS foundation assists with HIV testing. Our affiliation with the American Heart Association provides free BP cuffs. We just partnered with Direct Relief, an organization that provides free medications and vitamins for our patients, with Hodges University School of Dentistry provide affordable dental care. Our most recent partnership is with Alliance for Period Supplies of SWFL. Through this partnership we distributed sanitary napkins to the girls we met at our Back-To-School Health Fairs.
We currently serve our outlying community with visits from our mobile medical clinics to Mt. Herman Ministries in Central Fort Myers, The Pine Manor Community Center in South Fort Myers, The Suncoast Estates Community Center in North Fort Myers, Café of Life in Bonita Springs, First Community Congregational Church in Lehigh Acres, and The Center for Progress and Excellence in East Fort Myers.
Premier Mobile has partnerships with Lee Health’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Disparity Group and the University of Miami’s AIDS Education Training Center, a grant provided through the Health Resource and Service Administration.
We were recently invited to be a part of the Harvard University Mobile Health Map and Harvard continues to make the case that “mobile healthcare is good for communities.”
Lee Health’s partnership with Premier Mobile Health Services is the route to better health and a ‘driving’ force as to how patient care is delivered in this ever changing world. Services include preventative care, education, health plans, chronic disease management and prevention, free health screenings, HIV and STD Testing, COVID-19 testing and Vaccinations, and so much more. Since the pandemic, Premier Mobile Health Services has provided over 6,000 free COVID-19 tests and is actively administering COVID-19 vaccines to the homeless, low-income and no-income, migrant farmworkers, and children and families.

COVID-19 has impacted Premier Mobile Health Services’ priorities for 2022 because Premier is now seeing a growing need for not only healthcare, but for resources and access to mental health services. Together, our partnership empowers not only the patient, but our agencies to care for the whole person, anticipate needs and prepare for the future.

The team at Premier Mobile Health Services expresses gratitude for the participation of Medical Residents, Nurse Practitioner students, Medical Assistants and Certified Nursing Assistant students, to make providing services possible at no-cost and low-cost. Premier Mobile Health Services has 12 affiliation agreements with national and local Universities, serving as a bridge for students transitioning to a practitioner.

Lee Health is excited and grateful for its partnership with Premier Mobile Health Services and its Executive Director and Founder Nadine “Deanie” Singh. Under Deanie’s leadership, Lee Health has increased its understanding of the health care inequities experienced by individuals of varied races, ethnicities, religions, and lifestyles. Most importantly, it has been instrumental in bridging gaps in services and uncover more opportunities to provide higher quality healthcare for all.